Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48 Amp – Level 2 EV Charger

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48 Amp is a power boost for quick electric vehicle charging. This Level 2 EV charger is up to eight times faster charge than the standard (120v) charging cable supplied with most EVs. The J1772 connector on the Pulsar Plus can charge any electric car that uses the J1772 plug.

  • Keep an eye on your smart charger status using a smartphone or tablet.
  • When your electricity is cheap, schedule your EV charging to take advantage of off-peak prices.
  • Time and cost estimates for when you’ll be fully charged are provided by the smart charging feature.
  • Provides up to 48 Amps of power for charging your EV up to 8 times faster than traditional Level 1 chargers.



Compact design, colossal efficiency. Pulsar Plus EV charging station comes with a tiny footprint and can deliver up to 48 Amps of power for charging your electric vehicle up to eight times faster than ordinary Level 1 charging. A great solution for home charging or commercial buildings.

16A to 48A of maximum power and controlled capacity give you adaptability with your charging session.

Connect Pulsar Plus to your smart devices using the myWallbox app to operate and control your charger wirelessly via Wifi or Bluetooth. With the Wallbox app, you can create schedules that take advantage of off-peak utility rates, receive notifications, set reminders, and more.

You have full control over your energy use with the Wallbox App. Use myWallbox portal to plan and manage your charging sessions while electricity demand and prices are high for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

You may charge multiple EVs at once with maximum charging performance, which distributes power across multiple chargers through its power sharing capabilities. Built-in load balancing divides power among smart chargers so you can charge numerous electric cars at the same time.

The Pulsar Plus requires standard installation by an electrician or a WattLogic certified electrical contractor. Our easy installation process can you plugged-in quickly.

Get a Wallbox charger right now in place of a Charge Point Level 2 charger.

Additional information

Weight 20.9 lbs
Dimensions 18.7 × 15.5 × 10 in

3 Years

Rated Current


Maximum Power

11.5 kW

Power Input Connection


Adjustable Connection

16A to 48A

Network Connection

Bluetooth or WiFi

Charger Type

Level 2 AC

Connector Type


Charging Cable Length