Maxlite UL Type C External Driver T8 DDR2L11

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  • MaxLite’s LED T8 lamps with External Drivers are specifically designed for retrofitting standard G13 (medium bi-pin) socket fixtures, offering a quick, eco-friendly switch from traditional T8 fluorescents, with instant-on functionality and 10% dimmability.
  • These LED lamps are mercury-free, emit minimal UV or IR light, and are compatible with open and enclosed fixtures, making them suitable for various applications including dry and damp locations.
  • MaxLite introduces Controls Ready (CR) fixtures that facilitate easy, in-field installation of lighting controls through a simple plug-and-play system, requiring only a CR fixture and a Controls Node.
  • Alongside a standard 5-year warranty—with an option to extend to 10 years for an additional fee—these LED lamps and drivers maintain UL certification when used together, ensuring performance and safety.
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Maxlite UL Type C External Driver T8 DDR2L11 offers an efficient and eco-friendly solution for upgrading from traditional linear T8 fluorescent lamps in fixtures with standard G13 (medium bi-pin) sockets. These LED lamps are instant-on, dimmable up to 10%, and free of mercury and nearly all UV or IR light, making them a safe choice for various environments. Designed to be compatible with open or enclosed fixtures and suitable for both dry and damp locations, they ensure versatility in installation. MaxLite has also introduced Controls Ready (CR) fixtures for effortless in-field installation of controls, requiring just the purchase of a CR fixture and the necessary Controls Node for plug and play functionality. With a standard 5-year warranty that can be extended to 10 years for an additional fee, these lamps, when paired with MaxLite drivers, uphold UL certification, ensuring both reliability and compliance.

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