Maxlite MaxLite Long Neck LED Lamp 10P30LNDLED40FL


  • 6W LED with 450 lumens, equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb.
  • 10W LED emitting 750 lumens, replaces a 75W incandescent bulb.
  • 13W LED offering 950 lumens, substitutes for a 90W incandescent bulb.
  • Operates on standard 120V / 60Hz power.
  • Beam angles available at 25° and 35° for focused lighting.
  • Long lifespan of 25,000 hours based on L70 standards.
  • Color rendering index (CRI) of ≥80 for accurate color representation.
  • Fully dimmable down to 10% to accommodate varying light preferences.
  • Achieves ENERGY STAR certification for energy efficiency.
  • Functional across a wide operating temperature range from -4° to 104°F.
  • Not intended for use within fully enclosed fixtures.
  • Comes with a 1-year standard warranty.
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MaxLite’s PAR series of LED lamps presents a greener lighting solution, offering 6-, 10-, and 13-watt models that directly replace traditional 50-, 75-, and 90-watt incandescent bulbs. This switch not only substantially lowers energy consumption and carbon emissions but also ensures the delivery of superior light quality. Available in PAR20, PAR30 (both Short and Long Neck), and PAR38 sizes, these lamps set the standard with their exceptional light output, which is perfectly suited for creating dramatic architectural and wall washing effects in track, recessed, and decorative fixtures found in retail spaces, upscale homes, and office settings. Furthermore, their robust center beam candle power casts a bright and precise light that is especially effective in highlighting artwork and merchandise, enhancing visual appeal, and drawing attention to key details.

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