Green Creative Titanium LED 19PAR38HO/840NF25/277V


  • Operates on direct line voltage ranging from 120V to 277V and does not require ballasts.
  • Suitable replacement for both 250W halogen and 39W ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamps.
  • Delivers a high candela output exceeding 10,000.
  • Produces a powerful light output of 1775 lumens.
  • Features an efficacy of 93 lumens per watt in Warm White.
  • Provides an even distribution of light across the beam.
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The PAR38 19W LED lamp is a powerful lighting solution, providing a high output of 1850 lumens with a focused 25-degree beam angle, perfect for both spotlighting and general illumination. Operating efficiently at a multi-voltage range of 120-277V, this non-dimmable lamp delivers cool, neutral light at 4000K, akin to daylight. It’s an energy-efficient replacement for traditional 250W halogen or 39W HID lamps, offering the same brightness at a fraction of the power consumption. With a standard E26 base, it fits easily into existing fixtures, and the LED PAR38 lamp shade ensures durability and consistent performance in a variety of settings.

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