EIKO Type B T8 LED LED 10.5W/T8/48/850-DBL-G9D (SET OF 25 PER BOX)

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  • Compatible with 4’ F32T8 lamps including 32W, 30W, 28W, and 25W variants
  • Designed for flexibility, functioning with shunted and non-shunted lamp holders – refer to the installation manual for further details
  • Provides immediate, full brightness as soon as it’s turned on
  • Equipped with a frosted lens to minimize glare for comfortable viewing
  • Unsuitable for use in sealed, airtight lighting enclosures
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Double-ended LED T8 tube lights represent the forefront of lighting technology, offering a seamless transition from outdated fluorescent fixtures to energy-efficient LED illumination. Their easy installation process, which requires minimal modifications, paves the way for a long-term lighting solution that promises reduced operational costs and negligible maintenance. Constructed from robust Nano Polycarbonate material, these tubes ensure enduring performance and significantly lower the likelihood of breakage, enhancing safety and durability in various settings.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 12 × 12 in

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